Richard Hollingsworth

Previous Bands: Sandy (I met Kay my wife in Sandy – aarr….) Stamford, Cambridge, Wigston, Raunds including several retirements.
Started playing: 15
Favourite Music: non brass band definitely Bach. Brass Band anything with a good melody played with soul.
Most horrendous piece played: Masque – I walked out of rehearsal!
Favourite Food: Most, but nothing cooked by my wife! Love going out to dinner, fine dining.
Favourite night out: quiet, with food, alcohol and friends or in with the wife (she said)
Ambition: to never stop learning and don’t stand still in life. It  wastes time. Knowledge is there to be taken.

Russell Booker

Age started playing: 8
Previous Bands
:Kettering Rifles.GUS(Footwear).Retired 1975.Restarted 2000 with Raunds.Kibworth
Fav Music:Varied
Fav Artists:Beatles,Barbara Striesand,Bette Midler,Celine Dion,Adele
Fav tune:Wind Beneath My Wings-Bette Midler
Fav Band piece:Variations on a Ninth,Gilbert Vinter
Fav Piece listened to:V o a N-Gus winning performance Royal Albert Hall,1964
Fav Venue:RAH,Skylon Tower,Toronto.
Most admired players:Trevor Groom,Phillip McCann,late James Watson
Fav Food:Paella & Greek Salad
Married to Irene-2 children-7 grandchildren
FavFilm:A Star Is Born(Barbara Striesand/Kris Kristofferson
Ambition:To do it all again-But better!


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